OFF-GRID / HYBRID Solar systems

An OFF-GRID solar PV system is a grid independent system that convert sunlight into electricity that can be used while generation to power the home, business or company, as well as store power for use during the power outage.

In OFF_GRID solar pv systems, a Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is used that will automatically activate to charge the batteries when a sensor indicates that the charge has dropped to a specified level. When the batteries are full, excess electricity produced by the panels may be diverted from the batteries to the home.

Off Grid Solar solutions
We offer a wide range of products for domestic applications. Our products are easy to operate, maintain and are highly efficient.

Features :
  • Provides power in the range of 0.3 kWp to 30 kWp
  • Can be set up on the available roof top or sunshades.
  • Solar PV modules convert sunlight into electricity and store it in batteries
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • Investment in solar power is eligible for 80% depreciation in first year.
  • Our pv modules carry a generation warranty for 25years and product warranty for 5years.