An ON-GRID or a GRID-TIED solar system is one that ties into the power grid, pulling electricity from the grid when needed and pushing excess electricity back into the grid when the local customer isnít using the full capacity being generated by PV panels.

This is a clever solution for the customers living in areas where no or less power cuts in the day time as it reduces or even eliminates the customerís electric bills while generating ďcleanĒ energy. This type of systems canít be used as power backup system as on the event of grid failure, the entire grid-tie solar array becomes instantly useless and you canít power any of the loads.

Grid-tied Solar Power Plant
We offer total turnkey design & installation of solar photovoltaic systems as per the energy requirements of the site.

Features :
  • Provides power in the range 3kWp to 500kWp.
  • Can be set up on the available factory roof top or a designated land near the factory / industry.
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Partial Backup(Optional)
  • Simple installation
  • Eligible for Accelerated Depreciation @ 80% in the first year.
  • Lowest price on total installed system.
  • Central SCADA monitoring system (Optional)
  • Our PV modules carry a generation warranty for 25years and product warranty for 5years.

Applications :
This kind of solar PV solutions has several applications in various industries with the shortage and fluctuations in power. This is a very viable option compared to diesel generators. The payback compared to an investment in a diesel generator is less than 4 years.

Hospitals Industries Public sector undertakings
Hotels NGOs R&D Centres
Software Development Centres Communication Towers Village Electrification
Educational Institutions