Solar PV Modules

Module Manufacturing

Vamana is manufacturing its solar PV modules in its state of the art ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 :2004 manufacturing unit having a production capacity of 120MW located at SEZ, Dubbaka, Visakhapatnam equipped with ultra modern facilities, backed by strong R & D team to produce panels of any custom size or wattage.

The company has all facilities to manufacture and test the products under one roof that enabled us to achieve the International Quality Standards and Certifications viz. UL, TÜV, CE, IEC. Due to the International Standards we are comply with, our customers are confidently opt our products for overall quality.

Module Features

Solar PV Cells
We believe that quality products are not just the result of a final inspection, but are the result of a rigorously controlled manufacturing process.

Vamana uses high efficient and top grade mono crystalline and polycrystalline solar cells manufactured by world top cell manufacturers in its Solar pv modules to deliver a high reliability and efficiencient products to our customers.

Weather-resistant Solar Module Frame
Module frames of PV modules manufactured by Vamana are of aluminum alloy, and treated to corrosion resistant oxidation coating, for maximum endurance in rugged weather conditionsthat icludes water exposure, wind pressure etc.

EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate)
EVA film used in Vamana PV modules are sourced from world's most high-quality EVA producers to encapsulate cells within modules for longer life and Vamana conducts regular testing of the materials to ensure consistency in quality standards.

Durable Glass Surface
The glass surface of Vamana’s solar modules provides durability. They are proven to withstand significant impacts of falling marbles / stones that weigh up to 1kg. The modules also designed to support 30Kgs of load per square meter.

Solar PV advantages :
  • Serves Life Span of more than 25Years.
  • Uninterrupted power
  • Eco friendly
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Free power for 20years