Solar Rooftops

Rooftops provide an opportunity to turn unused space into an energy-producing, cost-cutting asset. Rooftop solar PV systems allow you to offset more of your electricity bill and realize the greatest savings on energy costs. Rooftop PV systems offer a great opportunity for institutions, industries using power backup through UPS, Inverters and Diesel Generators to reduce energy costs and avail uninterrupted power in the event of grid failure or power cuts.

We are delivering turnkey solar solutions for the rooftops that significantly reduce the energy costs of large businesses. Our robust product design and continual service support always ensure your solar system run at peak performance and deliver the best energy output for decades to come.

As solar power becoming less expensive and diesel and grid tariff prices climbing up, adding solar is becoming as a viable option for the companies and commercial establishments. Our expertise and experience in designing and installing commercial hybrid and full solar projects ensures the highest levels of quality and satisfaction to our customers.