Vision & Mission

Vision :
To become one of the leading renewable energy equipments and turnkey solution provider.

Mission :
We always aim at one step ahead in the development of innovative and competitive solutions for the production and management of electrical power through Solar pv systems.

Values :
We believe in core values in business that includes Talent, Trust, Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Quality :
Quality is the primary determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and we wants to achieve it by right product and service. We believe that better quality translates into better value for our customers.

Customer Loyalty :
We earn customer respect and loyalty by consistently providing the highest quality products and value-added services.

Innovation :
Our innovation has focused on developing products and services keeping in mind of the customer,s needs. Vamana will continue to focus on developing the products by adopting the new generation technologies to made them available for its customers.

Teamwork :
Teamwork is the essence of any success and VAMANA believe in “Collective energy is everything” and is setting a common goal in support of business objectives, making an individual commitment to the team’s success and recognizing the success of the team.

Commitment to Employees :
We recognize that our success as an enterprise depends on the talent, skills and expertise of our people and our ability to function as a tightly integrated team. We appreciate our diversity and believe that respect - for our colleagues, customers, partners, and all those with whom we interact - is an essential element of all positive and productive business relationships.