Frequent power cuts, gap between demand and supply, reduction in reserves of fossil fuels enforces us to search for an alternative source of energy. Of various kinds of renewable resources available from nature, the SUN energy is the best option for consideration. SOLAR ENERGY is the best sustainable option for countries like India as the SUN shines for more than 300days in a year.

The solar PV power systems uses sunlight as a raw material to produce electricity hence there is no effect on environment. Solar Power is Free Power that can be passed on to the next generation.

In contrast, the traditional electricity production units need fossil fuels viz. coal, petrol, gas etc. to produce electricity. The fossil fuels available from nature are diminishing by the day. More dependence on diminishing fossil fuels will result in hike of electricity charges. Usage of Fossil fuels not only influencing the electricity charges but also polluting the environment by delivering generation wastes and carbon-di-oxide.

The transformation to SOLAR energy is the need of the today.